Website Maker Tools 

I started this website after  learning how to build websites using WordPress through a fantastic, easy to follow course offered by Michael Brown  and after having spent more than two years pursuing “money making online” through affiliate marketing and offering various website related services.

Oh No! Please! Not Another “How To Make Money Online website.” money

I know, I know,  almost where ever you go on the internet there are blogs and websites purporting to be the thing to read if you want to know all about making money online.

The internet abounds with blogs  and websites about SEO, Adsense, Google, Penguins, Pandas, WSO’s, Internet Marketing, Lists, Videos, Social Media, Mentoring Services etc. etc. The mind boggles…. but this isn’t one of those. 

The reason I decided on Website Maker Tools is because, having spent a lot of time building websites and trying to make money in several different niches I thought that there might be a few people who would be interested in what I have learned, what tools I have used, what hasn’t worked for me,  what I am using and what services I am offering. There might also be people who are in the same boat and would like to share their experiences.

What? You Are NOT An Internet Guru!!!!guru

Right off the bat let me tell you that I am NOT an Internet Guru. I am not making millions online every day. I am not going to go on about how I went from driving a wreck of a car to a new Ferrari overnight.

I’m not hanging out at the beach in my shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip flops making money by doing nothing!

I’m not going to bore you with screenshots of all the money I’m making every second with some affiliate program. Why? Because I’m not and I wouldn’t do that anyway.

I wish I was making a oodles of money, but unfortunately my earnings are pretty minimal, although they do seem to be increasing bit by bit.

Now, after reading that, you might decide to leave, after all of what possible interest could there be in a website or blog written by someone who by his own admission is not making that much online.

Are You Crazy? Why On Earth Should I Stay On This Website?

Well you are probably right, but on the other hand you might think that maybe someone who is still persevering despite limited success and who isn’t passing himself off as another internet millionaire, might have the odd kernel of interesting stuff to impart. Perhaps even a free website maker tool you hadn’t come across.

After all, apparently more than 90% of people trying to make money online fail and eventually give up. Well that’s what I have heard anyway.

If nothing else, perhaps you and I are in the same boat. I know from the various forums I am a member of that I am not alone. 

I don’t think I am the only person who is not making six figures a year or anywhere close online. Perhaps there are a couple of us.

Big Deal! So You Can Build A Website! big deal

When I began online I could literally only use my computer to get email and use Google and word processing. You can read about how I learned to build my first website here.

Now at least I am able to put together a half-ways decent looking site. You might disagree of course.

Anyway, Website Maker Tools is my blog about my experiences trying to make some money online, some thoughts about Internet Marketing related stuff. What I like and what really irks me, as well as some services I offer and tools that I use or recommend.

Many of the tools I use are free. Up front let me tell you that some of the links on this site are affiliate links.

One of the things that I have done is try to get away with spending as little money as possible. That means that if I have bought any software or programs I have tried to spend as little as possible. If I have found that what I purchased wasn’t for me I have not been shy in requesting a refund if one was offered.

Anyway I hope you will have a good look around. I hope that you will find some tools and resources useful. Please  leave a comment if you feel like it.